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principle and france scott keying and marshall elementary principle peter. paul revere k a establishing and sherman principle elementary area sunny side. for the notion award winners some schools won both. cleveland elementary school and grot 10 and hill convert, june jordan and leonard and paul refer and marshall and elementary school stephanie young. may i ask for all the award winners to please stand for a recollection of applause (clapping) >> well done. well done. well done. ladies and gentlemen, it's also a great pleasure this evening i congratulate our historic practices department being an award winner with the bell award. our board passed a resolution to implement a resolution for the mass dispensation. this mandated a strategic change effort to have a positive change 40 in our disciplinarian practices. during the 2010 and 11 school year we're having a unpunitive education community and the implementation the staff members have been trained and the introduction to the practice to over 2 thousand 8 hundred participants and our advisory council has been a part of that. it's been
the circulation and loud driveways thank you. >> thank you. >> next up is paul eisly? >> actually sue said what i have to say much better but i will, my name is paul isela and i have lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and i walked the neighborhood almost every night after dinner, just to for my own health. and i very often walk down by the bridge and below the bridge. and the embarcadero is crowded day and night now, before we even have a terminal there or recreation facility. and now i just asked you, to think very, very carefully about the traffic congestion and the traffic flow before you improve this facility because rate now things are very serious and they could be much more serious later on, thank you. >> thank you. >> michael mckenna? >> >> the out reach to the neighborhood associations and the traffic and they have provided the out reach to the building trades and to the local hire, and what she said about providing good, paying jobs for san franciscans, and i'm started my career in construction, on the water front and working in the ship repair industry and actually, started some of
paul he wants to sing a short song to my mother to honor her >> i'd like to thank everybody for coming out and honor my mother and the mayor and the rest of the supervisors. my mother is definitely smiling down on us right now. i want to say. i used be afraid that no one was ever going to love me this way. but i feel better now. no one could ever say to me that's a shame because my love is mine. i used to say i love everyday. to make you realize trust in the things i say. look at me now, when you could clearly see the love i feel for you you don't need words for me. because it's love. i say it's love. it's mary rogers love. >> all right. (clapping) >> thank you paul. that's perfect we're going to close right now rooerd mccrepe can you come with me over here. we're going to do the blessings here and kit the ribbon. so may the spirit and legacy of mary hell on rogers bebe appreciated forest through this senior housing development may this one hundred how's be a safe place and repeat after reverend making crepe >> peace. >> peace. >> could joy. >> joy and a respect. >> respect. >>
wanted to thank paul ash, the executive director of the food banks for being here as a resource and as well as and also kevin wing from project open hand and from saint anthony and rita the director of glide as well. now, for the translaters, i wanted to again, remind or to say that we have translation in chinese, spanish, tagalog and russian and i would ask if the staff from the services who are doing the translation to come forward and say in spanish, in tagalog and russian that they are available to translate the public comment. >> and also grace yee from the department of public health come forward and if you could make that announcement that you can translate. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i am going to call the names in groups of ten, one more, thank you. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> come forward and i am suggesting that we line up on that side of the room. and from the saint anthony and, liz, development center, wiser from, and wita from glide. >> people will have two minutes to speak and there is a buzzer that goes off that you have a heads up that yo
issues they do not learn as well, i site the st. paul minnesota school district provides free meals to all public school children no child should go hungry and no child should be teased about having to have a free lunch or a breakfast. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for looking at this issue and my name is robert jones and i am a cook in san francisco. and i reside in the area, of the city. and i have lived in sros in the city, and i had to use the free meals program in the past and i have been on cal fresh and currently when the time avails me i am able to help out with one of the programs in the cooking classes and one of the points that i would like to reiterate is, the fact of ex-expanding the access to publicly available cooking facilities. the programs are being strained for the budget, and this is just as was pointed out, and at one point, however many came to the door. within the sros we can kind of eliminate that stress. by, having cal fresh utilize more of getting food that you made and in the sros. by people that need it. and the problem is that most sros, have
's leading and -- luggage store gallery, i want to recognize mr. smith and jessica from counter paul. it's so fun to be able to kind of switch roles as our arts community grows. i remember going to the intersection of the arts and now they are here a block away at 5 m and dr. cohen is now the director of yerba buena center for the arts. that is community begins to evolve, we are here growing the job sector here in mid-market. in 2011 when the mayor held a press conference across the street, we had the highest vacancy commercial rate in the city. what we are seeing now at mid-market is that everyone wants to be here now. of course what that means that everyone wants to be here, what does that mean for the arts community that has always been here. this is going to keep artist and the artist organization here. it was great to work with the california community loan funds and the office of economic development to make this a reality. over the past couple of year with hard work and procuring money and property owners we were able to procure these sites to ensure the arts remain here permanent
from the physical access committee. >> hello councilmembers i'm john paul scott. i'm making the presentation today for counsel person wong to help him save his voice. we have two meetings that we want to report on and get into the record. we had a meeting on friday october 11th of this year at 1: 30 to 3: 30 p.m. old business was a presentation by me on the status of our ada transition plan what projects had been completed in construction this recent year what ones under construction and which ones are under designed. i won't go through that list i do that once a year for you all. i have to say we're doing pretty good but having challenges getting staff we have good funding everybody is pressing on the bureau of architecture right now. we had a presentation by the better market street focus group in the focus group workshop to make a presentation on the preliminary final report and what were some of the good findings and of course that group then came to the counsel on the subsequent meeting and made a presentation on the whole process. i've talked to the team they are
to number 9. this is a report from the physical access committee. >> hello councilmembers i'm john paul scott. i'm making the presentation today for counsel person wong to help him save his voice. we have two meetings that we want to report on and get into the record. we had a meeting on friday october 11th of this year at 1: 30 to 3: 30 p.m. old business was a presentation by me on the status of our ada transition plan what projects had been completed in construction this recent year what ones under construction and which ones are under designed. i won't go through that list i do that once a year for you al
question. thank you. >> john paul did you have a comment? >> one of the thing that kind of concerns me i heard programs for mental health and substance abuse how is the community reintegration population and the population coming out of laguna honda that will be discharged from the program how will that relate to the affordable care act especially since we have a january 1 deadline for applying? >> most of the people vast majority are medical eligible so most enrolled in medical so they will be able to select the h.m.o. that they will participate in and they get the same notification that anyone living in the community gets to decide which way they want to go. so that's accessible regardless of whether you have medical or not. so it's a service as needed. >> is there some support because everything we hear in the press it's still very challenging to apply for these services online but certainly there's other programs by the state but is it helping people bridge this? >> laguna honda has an eligibility unit so currently there's an eligibility unit that can actually help make sure somebo
, sir. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is paul wormer and i think i'm wearing two hats here for the moment. i will start with representing the pacific heights residents association; which has -- i think it's now for the fourth time or the third time -- i forget. come before you to say the 3 jackson is an important line in our community and we encourage you to preserve that service. i spoke with bill hudson for the presidio heights association of neighbors, which is just across the border on presidio street where the 3 jackson provides service and same concern in that area, abandoning the neighborhood that is very dependent for a number of reasons on the 3. with that, representing my neighborhood organization and referencing a neighboring one, i would like to say for my own personal observation, that it's very important when you look at the bus service. it's not just the number of people riding and it's not just the peak service periods that are critical. it's what is the population that is being served? and you have heard from the chinatown community, and from the 3 jac
there in a safe way. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am paul skillbeck and a 15 year resident of san francisco and live near van ness in the main thoroughfare for cycleelists of san francisco. i ride by bike everyday. no way i suggest that a child ride a bike in on polk street and what is being done and as others have outlined san francisco streets are not safe for cyclists and you have a target 20% by the year 2020. i wouldn't bet on that. no way. things have to change. right now value proposition for cyclists? why should they ride in san francisco? the roads are dangerous and motorists are aggressive. i get back to his point and he's saying there is more to do with infrastructure. san francisco residents need to be told by the city why they should take up cycling. they need to be encouraged. there's an organization called the noarj california high school cycling league about 60 to 70 cycling teams in northern california. guess how many are in san francisco? anybody? zero. for a city that is aiming to have 10-20 road share of bicycle in the future that is not a encoura
afternoon commissioners, my name is paul warner. i did want to talk about the availability of information for the public. i try to pay attention to what is going on. and i sign up for the e-mail that i can for the program set up. and i am assuming when that program is fully implemented. that notice and copies of the proposed changes would be e-mailedito itouitou itouitous us. there is a fundamental challenge, some of us in the neighborhood think about what is going on and try to submit comments to the point. a lot of people, especially in neighborhood associations come to you, and it's confusing. when we get the first opportunity to see a report and detailed plans a week before the hearing. it's very difficult for us to deal with it. these are things that have been in process for a while. it would be extremely helpful if as part of the commission rules/procedures either some preliminary proposal or preliminary version was posted in accessible manner two weeks before. understanding the case report still needs to be finished up. but if that was out ahead of time, it would be a better opport
and jeremy paul r powell in my office has done a great deal as well as the planning adapt has worked a year open developing the legislation as well. and spent several times in the planning commission to be heard. also in the audience is tom who is part of the ideas behind those two pieces of legislation coming forward today. the first one is an ordinance that demolition and mergers and conversions. this ordinance is intended to protect against 0 affordable housing and demolition of housing and merging multiple houses into a single opt and other non-residential unions. it was updated to make it a priority to protect the for a fact of the existing housing especially rent controlled housing but the criteria that the planning department used for demolition and mergers and conversions have not been update in preserving rent control in affordable housing. is instead the planning code make the building more consistent with the laws of the zoning of the neighborhood. this will bring the code in lion by disperse the rent control conversions. in addition the ordinance will require the planning commis
used this missing person's credit card, paul meadow, from brazil, came to san francisco on october 25th but he was actually last heard from on october 28th, and made a phone call from a location in the mission district. that he could not exactly say where he was. but he told 911 when i was talking with them that his phone was going, that his phone was dying. that phone has not since come back up. and which is pretty uncommon. and his sister and his, flew, to san francisco and made the missing person's report, and the day before halloween. and we have been doing everything that we can possibly think of to find mr. meadows since to the point where we posted the picture and hoping that someone can come forward. if anyone knows where he is, even if you don't want to tell us, but he want to tell us that he is okay, if you know who the person in the mcdonald's picture is you can tell us who that person is so we can have a conversation and that will be appreciate and in the meantime the missing persons has been doing a great job with along with the team and we are hopeful that we can find him
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)

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